09.05.2018 19:00

There is TOO much confusion and contradictions in the Spiritual, Alternative and Healing world. 

We want to live our Dreams. What if our failures are because of something so deep in our unconscious that we had no choice to create what we created in our lives? What if it is not our fault what we are doing? There is hope that we can change our lives where we thought we couldn't change our lives. 

We already are good enough and smart enough. We are protected in a way that we never thought of. All those people and religions and governments and television that told us that we were powerless without them are wrong. They lied to us.

I gave this presentation at the Trondheim Wellbeing Festival were a lady came up to me and said "Finally ... someone that helped me make sense of it all in a simple way that makes sense. Thank you!"

We will explore the One Secret that is at the bottom of everything that is a new way and how to use that one big Secret. That one thing. 

Let's reclaim our power back from all those people that told us we were not good enough, from those people and systems of religion and spirituality and healing that told us we were powerless without them.

We will destroy the LIE that they have convinced us are true.


i will give Prizes of free healings .. and ONE PERSON WILL WIN the Basic ThetaHealing basic class for FREE ... 

One person will win a free book on how to find your soulmate with ThetaHealing.

one person will will a FREE one hour ThetaHealing session with me. 

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